Disaster Girl is Coming for You

Posted by — 28 Oct 2008

Like the rest of the world, you've probably wondered who to blame for the recent economic crisis. Wall Street? Washington? Natural economic downturns? Or maybe you're still stuck on the sinking of the Titanic. The Hindenburg even? Windows Vista?

We've got the answer:

Or at least a handful of internet pranksters do. They've gotten their busy photo-shopping fingers on JPG Member Dave Roth's photo, Firestarter to paste that mischievous youngster's face to blame for a variety of "disasters." You may remember this photo from JPG Issue 14.

The results-- plain hilarious. Roth's photo has popped up on a few bookmarking sites where you can upload a "fire-starter" template to enter in your own background. Silly fun!

We recently spoke with Dave about his fifteen minutes. He and Zoe (the fire-starter herself) are "digging the photo-shopped versions as well as the captions" and are jazzed at the attention the photo has gotten. Perhaps the lives of a "disaster girl" and her father are bit more fun (and maybe even more mischievous) than one would expect.

Check it out at BuzzFeed.com ... And if you don't, here is a sample of what you're missing:

"She made it to a life raft, of course." edit by Scott Lamb

"Disaster Girl also works for Microsoft." edit by Chris Johanesen

"I can't prove she caused it, but Disaster Girl doesn't exactly look unhappy about the Financial Crisis." edit by Jack Shepherd

"bad disaster girl, bad…" edit by Brandon

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