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Issue 18 Outtakes: Democracy

Posted by Jen Giese on 28 October 2008.

With the big day (Election Day!) just a week away it seems only natural that we release the Outtakes for our Issue 18 Theme, Democracy. The many ways which JPG'ers displayed their views of Democracy-- positive, negative and otherwise, were thought provoking. From horrific visions of Burmese Prisons to hopeful shots of voting booths, our Democracy theme has it all.

Now that Issue 18 is out, we nominated our favorite Democracy submissions and put them in an interactive PDF that you can get from the JPG downloads page.

Or get your Democracy Outtakes here:

Download PDF (4.1mb)

A few of the elect:

untitled by Tim White

I Want YOU!!! by William Hansen

American Democracy by Anthony Kurtz

Burma, A Non Democracy by Michael Matlach

Pearl by Nema' Etebar

Bolivia Dice SI by Jorge Bernal

Midterms by Nate Shepard

On the Soap Box by Jason Barnhart

John McCain Laughing by Michael Cirelli

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