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Issue 18 Outtakes: On Stage

Posted by Jen Giese on 15 October 2008.

Our Issue 18 Theme On Stage was as entertaining as the subjects it featured. As always, the JPG community provided far too many amazing photos for the limited pages available in the print magazine. Street performers, musicians, politicians, dancers, athletes-- the list goes on. Our first Issue 18 Outtakes are here to give those photos their deserved time to shine, with 26 pages of limelight-loving images.

Step into the spotlight and head to the JPG downloads page or get your Outtakes here:

Download PDF (3.3mb)

Here are just a few of the many shining stars:

Cat Power by Tam Tam

Sinner by Zach Hyman

Show must go on... by Piotr Pędziszewski

Cancelled Prom by Carter Beach

Juggler by Matteo de Mayda

Mark Mothersbaugh by Grant Brittain

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