New JPG Theme: Shoot from the Hip

Posted by Christi Ginger — 13 Oct 2008

Hello! All JPG Issue 20 themes are now open! In addition to scheduling two existing themes, Severe Weather and Beloved, as issue themes, we've also just opened a new theme: Shoot from the Hip, sponsored by Lomography.

For this theme, take a chance, leave your viewfinder behind, and shoot from the hip. You don't have to hold your camera at hip level for this theme--but you do need to take a photo without looking through your viewfinder for a new, exciting perspective. Up in the air, behind your back, while running, jumping--the possibilities are endless.

For this theme, we've teamed up with Lomography and are using rule #4 of their ten golden rules. In cooperation with, and co-judged by the hipshot experts of the Lomographic Society International, the top three winners will receive one of the brand new and lovingly crafted Lubitel+ twin-lens reflex cameras, and each of the runners-up who get picked for this theme will receive a DianaF+ camera starter kit from Lomography.

Here are just a few of the fun early submissions taken in true Shoot from the Hip fashion:

Supersampling Isla Fuerte by astronauta perdido

Simple Pleasure by Denise Gomez

urban mirror by Noë Brand

Theme: From the hip~over the back by Jeff Boucher (note: check out Jeff's head in the shot!)

Arriving at OBX by Orbit

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