New theme: Ant's Eye View

Posted by — 7 Oct 2008

Reasons I love Tuesdays:

1. It's not Monday.
2. It's NEW THEME day!

And this Tuesday, we've got a great one for you - Ant's Eye View photos! Basically, put your camera on the ground, point, and shoot for a new, super cool perspective.

Of course, to some of you JPGers out there, this is standard photography practice. We were inspired by Kevin Meredith, who's got this groundbreaking (ha!) style down.

Here are some of his amazing captures:

burn out in berlin

my bike & bird + blue wall

Also, the amazing members of the Enslow Middle School Photo-Rific Club did their own Ant's Eye View project, and got some pretty great results: the Flowers by F. Ramirez, Nifty by S. Back

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