Photo Challenge Selections: Inside Your Fridge

Posted by — 1 Oct 2008

For this week's photo challenge, we took a look Inside Your Fridge, and were not disappointed by the results. From small children to livestock, you JPGers certainly know how to keep things interesting. I had a sad reminder of this challenge last week when I opened my fridge, starving, and found nothing but yogurt. Which is tasty, but isn't well, steak.

Anyway, we were overwhelmed with super fridge-friendly shots, but these are ten of our favorites. Per usual, a PDF below.

Download PDF (0.5mb)

Home is where the beer is by Tyler Robbins

starving artist by Marc Friedhofer

Obsessive? Perhaps. by JoAnna Webb

cooperation between Good and Evil by Katy Donalds

Spa Day by Lori Andrews

that's in my fridge by chris s.

"Light of the World." by Idda Barbara Rodriguez

Untitled by Simon Kossoff

Spread it thinly -- THINLY ... imbecile by André Langemeyer

cooler by Thelma Blizzard

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