Photo Challenge Selections: Leaf in Hand

Posted by — 21 Oct 2008

The Leaf in Hand Photo Challenge truly tugged on my autumnal heartstrings. Your photos captured the beauty of fall leaves, and the various ways in which you held on to said foliage (ooh, check that imagery!) were both creative and photographically interesting.

Our goal was to create a montage of stunning photos capturing the season, and the ten photos selected do just that. Below, a downloadable PDF, so you can appreciate fall-time all year round.

Download PDF (0.5mb)

when leaves fall, by Nicole Simmen

Untitled by Jaclyn Sollars

Untitled by Digital Incline

autumn is near, autumn is now here! by jason larkin

Handful of Delight by Steve Jurvetson

Flying Lessons by Dan P

Untitled by Lisa Wurzelbacher

One leaf reminds me to enjoy is season by Norma Clark

It's October.. by serge rolland

Laughing leaves by Wendy Perry

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