Photo Challenge Selections: Stripes

Posted by — 24 Nov 2008

Our Stripes Photo Challenge is full of all things horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. It was great fun discovering all the magical ways that stripes appear in our every day lives! Now that the challenge is over, we've selected some of our favorite stripey shots and put them on the JPG Downloads Page. If you'd like your own stripe-tastic PDF to have and hold you can download it here:

Download PDF (296kb)

Or check out the selections below:

Trends by Les Rhoades

Stair Double Shot by Paitoon Maneeroongrat

Untitled by G Richard Anderson

Stripes by Claudia Martin

Cabs & the Candy Striped Crosswalk by Mario Scattoloni

Colours Row by Rizky Nurfa'ni

Light as a Feather by Maureen Jochetz

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