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Photo Challenge: Best Holidays Ever

Posted by Lauren Sloss on 19 November 2008.

I love the holidays. Love 'em. You eat too much, drink too much, and no one is allowed to judge you for either. You get to hang out with your family en masse, which always ends up being gloriously dysfunctional.

Then of course, there are those holidays that really are idyllic -- perfectly timed first snows, giving someone a truly amazing gift, puppies and babies and warm fuzzy feelings and cinnamon -- you get the idea.

For our new photo challenge, we're teaming up with MOO to gather your photos of your best holidays ever. We're looking for all kinds of captures, both sardonic and sentimental.

Since MOO is all about printing awesome business cards, postcards, and of course holiday cards (among other things), we'll be selecting FIVE photos for a JPG holiday card pack, with 25 cards total. Selected photographers will be credited and, for each JPG/MOO Holiday Card Pack that is sold, we will be making a $4 donation to charity.

So, get in the spirit! Tis the season - of hangovers and homecomings, family feuds and family bonding, and unquestionably, of great memories.

Down with winter by Robert Josiah Bingaman

Christmas Break by Timothy Frederick

Untitled by Chris Whitney

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