The Ones That Got Away!

Posted by — 24 Nov 2008

In honor of our two year anniversary, we asked everyone on staff here at JPG/8020 Media to pick their favorite unpublished photo. There are so many incredibly talented photographers in the JPG community, we jumped at an opportunity to showcase some of the amazing work that has yet to grace the pages of an issue.

It was a most difficult task for everyone, many people took days to decide, some searched into the wee hours, scouring the site for their favorite unpublished photo before the deadline.

Eventually, all the picks were submitted and our bleary-eyed staff finally got back to work! Sadly, we didn't have enough room in the issue to publish everyone's selections, but we were excited to feature the picks from our bright and beaming interns (including me!) and you now get to see the rest! Download the The One's That Got Away PDF, which includes all the staff selections, here.

His Name's Barty. by Elly Lucas

Pearl, Pineville, Kentucky by John E. May

green ashtray by Jennifer Grainer

darker by Patric Shaw

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