Issue 21: Two Themes Announced!

Posted by — 3 Dec 2008

Alright, JPGers. I know you've been awaiting this moment with baited breath so I won't delay it any longer... no references to drum rolls... or handing of envelopes... ok ok sorry. I'm happy to announce TWO themes now scheduled for Issue 21 -- Fairy Tale and House!!

The House theme is for your photos capturing the unique nature of your home and Fairy Tale is for photos that show us a dream and imagination-fueled world of your favorite stories. We've already seen amazing shots in both, and can't wait for more!

This means the photos already in the themes are now voteable. If you haven't submitted photos to either, here's the incentive! So shoot, submit, vote -- you know the drill.

Here are some super examples of these two themes, hurray for Issue 21!


Retro by Kevin Collins

the bathroom by Valentina Fontanella

Casas by Alejandro Mejia-Greene

Fairy Tale

Sail Away by Joven DelaCruz

Magic by magda biskup

i used to be a princess... by *hector* Ortiz

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