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Issue 19 Outtakes: Delectable

Posted by Jen Giese on 9 December 2008.

When we released our theme Delectable we got some mmm mmm good submissions! Since then, Issue 19 has been released and it now sits happily in your hands stuffed with tons of great theme photos.

So what about all the ones we loved but couldn't fit into the magazine? We've released them in a fancy PDF on the JPG Downloads Page! Sugar coated lips, ripe juicy tomatoes, icing on a cake ... these outtakes are sure to make your eyes widen and your tummy grumble.

Get your Delectable Outtakes here:

Download PDF (5.1mb)

Here's a bit of the sugary details:

Deliciousness, the lobster way! by Neil Wysocki

eat ur hart out by Jean Fan

Phill Hunt by John Hart

Macaroon... by Louise LeGresley

HOT dog! by John Matuszewski

For: Sashimi by Chloe Rice

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