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New Theme: Day 1/365

Posted by Christi Ginger on 30 December 2008.

We all know photography is an excellent method of documentation. So, imagine documenting a full year of self-portraits -- your year -- in photos.

Our new theme, Day 1/365, is a place for you to share your photo diary. We were inspired by Stephen Poff's 365 project, where his year of daily self-portraits served as a touching, photographic catalog of the events of his year.

To participate, take a photo a day (or take more, but select your daily favorite), number it (example: 23/365), and add it to your photo stream. The result? A collection of images fully representative of your life. Submit your favorite to this theme, with its accompanying number in the title, and share your years' journey with other JPG members!

Want some inspiration? Here are some great photos from 365 Self-Portrait projects of JPG members Stephen Poff and Lis Bokt:

187 by Lis Bokt

003 by Lis Bokt

Kiss by Stephen Poff

Sing and Shout by Stephen Poff

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