Photo Challenge Selections: Best Holidays Ever

Posted by — 3 Dec 2008

Well, we're deep in holiday season, as evidenced by my lingering food coma post-Thanksgiving. Seriously, how can I STILL be full almost a week later? But I digress.

Our Best Holidays Ever photo challenge was just the thing to get me in the holiday spirit. Our 8 selections will keep you cheery for the months to come! This challenge was sponsored by our friends at MOO, and they were impressed as well. The first five photos posted here will be included in the JPG holiday card pack. Hurray!

Our downloadable PDF features these five and three other favorites. Tis the season, JPGers!

Download PDF (318kb)

Holiday stars by Biljana Vujicic

Christmas at Jumbo Pass by istvan hernadi

Puppetry by John McCabe

Snow Pup by Martino Roselli

Untitled by Chris Whitney

Santa is Coming to Town by James Spicer

Down with winter by Robert Josiah Bingaman

Ribbon Dispenser by Paul Octavious

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