What's happening with JPG

Posted by — 11 Mar 2009

Hi everyone,

So you're all probably wondering: what on earth is going on with JPG?!?

Well, since our acquisition completed a little more than a week ago, we've set about essentially re-launching JPG. Not re-launching in the sense of the site or the purpose, but very much ‘re-starting’ the operations and the business. As you might expect, this is not an overnight process. It includes:

* Finding new offices
(we moved out of our old one but are still looking for just the right space)

* Hiring the team (which includes some familiar faces as well as some great new ones), and

* Restarting our operations for web and print publishing, advertising, and all the rest

All of this work takes a tremendous amount of time--much more than you ever plan (or hope) for--and none of it, unfortunately, is reflected in the day-to-day operations of the website as you experience it.

But this work ensures that we'll be able to hit the ground running, and deliver the JPG experience you're used to--from weekly newsletters and frequent blog postings to magazine production and feature development. So before we start back up with staff activity on the website, we want to make sure we have our support team on hand to answer your questions, our technical folks ready to address any problems with the site, and the editorial team in place to get Issue 20 ready for press.

As I mentioned in my last post, we need your patience and support during this re-start, which will take place over the next few weeks. But in exchange for that patience, encouragement and support, I promise you that we'll get everything back on track and humming--which will create the foundation for those exciting new programs, features and products we plan to launch within the next year.

During this transition, I also promise to keep all of you more frequently updated on where we're at and where we're going. Because, like I said before, this site and the amazing content it contains simply wouldn't exist without you.

Thanks for your understanding, and for continuing to support this truly unique community.

More to come soon,

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