NEW Photo Challenge: Twins

Posted by Kit Richert — 30 Apr 2009

Hello JPG! I'm Kit, your new (and excited) community manager.

It's been several months since JPG had a photo challenge, so we thought hard about what theme would be best to mark its return to the web.

After pondering several high-energy, celebratory themes, we realized that instead JPG should go back to its roots. So for our inaugural photo challenge of 2009, we're getting back to JPG basics with a simple, striking concept that calls for your creative interpretation -- Photo Challenge: Twins.

I'll admit, the first image I associate with the concept of twins is that of the two ghostly little girls in the movie, The Shining. In thinking about that image, I realized how the fact that there are two, nearly identical girls intensified the creepiness of the scene (at least for me). I wonder if I would have remembered that image if there had been only one ghost?

For this week's challenge, use your eyes and imagination to capture a pair of twins. They don't have to be people either -- twin objects are great too! Also consider that twins always have common elements, but are not necessarily identical. They could be mirror images, contrasting images, duplicates, or two-of-a-kind.

There's something so striking and memorable about twin images, and there are already a ton of amazing submissions.

Here are some great JPG twins already in the theme:

Twins of Delhi by Nema' Etebar

Safeway by Peggy Gardner

Road Rage by Andrew Silanskas

Untitled by A F

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