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Photo Challenge Selections: Airport

Posted by Kit Richert on 11 May 2009.

Fortunately for JPG, this photo challenge was caught in the crossfire of our company 'pause' and left open far longer than the planned two week time frame. I say fortunately, because it allowed time for some of the most stunning images on JPG to find their way into the theme.

Photo Challenge: Airport was originally inspired by member Vincent Bitaud and his 'Sleeping Beauties', but it was amazing to see the JPG community explore every element of airport theme. Airports are indeed fascinating places! You showed us futuristic architecture, travelers and baggage, emotional moments, and the awe of the aircraft themselves. Nice work!

Below, ten of our favorite shots! No PDF this time

Optical Barajas by Roberto Conte

Bangkok Airport by Gijs Bekenkamp

An A321 in the Fog by Andreas Yerandreas

Last call for flight SY666 by Michel González Brun

Next by Hersley Casero

Empty Chairs by T O K T A M Tayefeh

Golden by David Alquezar

Watching the Big Bird by Daniel Root

Gatwick by Chukina Crane

Dreaming to Fly by Gabor Dvornik

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