NEW: Introducing JPG+

Posted by Kit Richert — 27 Jun 2009

Aloha everybody!

If you check out the top right corner of your screen on JPG... you will see a shiny new button that says "Plus=Awesome". A quick click and you can learn all about the awesome new JPG+ which offers a supercharged site experience!

We've been listening to your call for a premium site membership for a while through email and our dedicated fans on This week we launched our first version of JPG+, which offers some of the most highly requested ad-ons to your JPG site experience. More are on the way!

Benefits for all JPG+ members...

  • No ads: JPG minus the ads is definitely a plus! All third-party ads will be gone, making JPG quicker, less intrusive, and decidedly more awesome. (Spotlights will still be displayed.)
  • Spotlights: Promote your work by using Spotlights to place your favorite photos in highly visible promotional spaces throughout
  • Get your originals: Download your full-size photos from JPG — It's not a biggie, but we've received requests for this, so here it is! (Your originals are safe from theft: Only you can download them.)
  • ???????: Yep, you read that right — We want to give you more, so we're asking for your suggestions: What would make JPG+ double-plus-good? Benefits we add will be available to ALL JPG+ members — you won't pay more to get more!

Note: JPG + is an improved website experience and does not include a subscription to the print version of JPG Magazine. All past subscriptions to JPG Magazine will be honored.

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