Photo Challenge: Candid Portraits

Posted by Kit Richert — 10 Jun 2009

In exploring the concept of Candid Portraits for this photo challenge I came across a blog with a fantastic description of what makes a good candid photograph. They cite the book, The Decisive Moment, by photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, who proposes that

...there is a (decisive) moment which occurs in every situation in which everything that needs to be said about that scene is visually evident and ready to be photographed. Capturing this moment can be difficult; this is the key to candid photography.

Candid photography is a dance between the subject and photographer. People often restrict their natural expression when there is a camera in the room, and it is a skill to make people feel comfortable while you are shooting them. If you are a new photographer gearing up for this photo challenge, ask one of the pros on the site how they capture the decisive moment, and how they relax their subject. If you are a pro, perhaps you could write a how to to help others improve.

Below are some stunning candid portraits that have already been submitted:

Swim to the Stars by Rebecca Kinzie Bastian

M by Oriana Pizzingrilli

Dear God by Putri Siswanto

Erna by Peter

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