JPG Magazine Subscription Update!

Posted by Kit Richert — 17 Jul 2009

Hey all! We (finally) have some news on the return of JPG Magazine, and its GOOD NEWS! Woo!

For those who are new to JPG... 8020 Media (our parent) was shut down in January, re-opened under new ownership in March, and then re-launched mid-April. Rebuilding a fairly well established company from scratch is a complicated undertaking.

The largest hurdle in resuming all print operations has been the acquisition of our subscriber list. Without it, we really had no idea how many people we were printing for, or even where to send them, for that matter. Suffice it to say, JPG's amazing new owners were able to settle a deal in order to procure our list — which means, we're just about to start the presses!

So whats next? We'll be working hard to provide our subscribers with the tools to purchase and manage their subscriptions to JPG Magazine in-house. Phew!

So, in the coming weeks we'll be adding tools to JPG to allow you to:

  • Subscribe to JPG Magazine!
  • Manage and renew your existing subscription!
  • Change your address to make sure Issue 20 goes to the right address!

We still have much to do before we can give a firm print date for Issue 20... but rest assured, it is our highest priority. Thanks again to our amazing community for supporting JPG through all the bumps and hurdles! We are so excited to continue creating JPG Magazine with you!

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