Photo Challenge Selections: Summer

Posted by Kit Richert — 20 Jul 2009

We launched Photo Challenge: Summer right at the solstice. For the last three weeks, summertime has 'officially' been in full swing, and you've created a collection of images that captured all the warmth, freedom, and full-force fun of the summer months! Nice work team!

Here are some of our favorites:

The Sizzler by Joshua Crew

4th Over the Hudson by Austin Wondolowski

Swimmer by Jesco Tscholitsch

Hanging in the Balance by Brett Gage

Summer Pool Fun by Alex Bramwell

Fall of Man by Allen Lee Taylor

Lisa Drawing Summer by Valentina Fontanella

The Star of the Story I Love by Henry Bowman

Untitled by Laurent Chantegros

Swinging by Leann Cannon

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