Chairs, music!

Posted by Devin Hayes — 24 Sep 2009

It's my pleasure to announce that Darlene Bouchard, previously rockin' it as JPG's Editorial Intern, is now a member of our full-time staff! Darlene will continue to oversee the editorial direction of, and will be working with our team on developing the editorial strategy for our forthcoming issues of JPG Magazine. We couldn't be more pleased with the work she's done so far, and we know we'll be amazed as the magazine takes shape!

We would also like to extend a million thanks to our Community Manager, Kit Richert, for everything she's done for us here at JPG over the last six months. Kit has decided to accept a position in academia, and thus has "moved on to greener pastures," as they say. We thought the pastures were green here, though! Suffice to say her energy and humor will be missed, and we wish her well on her new adventure!

In the interim, Darlene will be lending a hand with customer support, so y'all go easy on the bug reporting — we want her to still have time for magazine-making!

(Just kidding about the bug-reporting — we do our best, and we strive to do better! Ah, a web developer's work never ends... but I digress...)

Yay Darlene! — Good luck, Kit! — Go team!

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