Photo Challenge Selections: Cheesy

Posted by Kit Richert — 1 Sep 2009

If none of these images made you smile (or cringe), then you need your funny bone checked! We asked for high quality photographs that could be considered... well... cheesy, as in silly, tacky, or cliche.

You brought us a spectrum of cheesy... from the sugary cute, to the funny face, to the trying way-to-hard to be sexy. This was fun! Thanks the laughs!

Check out some of the best and the cheesiest:

Filet by Katie Bushueff

Workin' on Wilder by Nema' Etebar

Savior by Michelle Musikantow

Breakdown by Luke Bhothipiti

Untitled by Jason Vanhorn

Bread Inspector??? by Geoff Stamp

Untitled by Cory Foster

Office Ninja by Emily Ward

Julia by Michel Flores

Brief Encounter by Carey Winfrey

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