Photo Challenge Selections: From Above

Posted by Kit Richert — 15 Sep 2009

We got loads of strong images submitted to Photo Challenge: From Above, with a great mix of subjects, distances, and angles from high up. There is something so intimate about a person looking up in to your eyes... and something isolating about soaring far above an ant-sized world. This was an awesome challenge guys!

Here are some of our favorite images from above:

Line-up by Alla

Science City by Simon Kossoff

Which One? by Case Woo

Wade for It by Ted Mirsky

Above by Andrew Morrell

Salvatore and His Customized 126 Fiat by Spin360

Mabena by Adam Ottke

Dana by PJ

Destin Beaches by Romona Robbins

Let Yourself Soar by Kristen Angelo

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