Photo Challenge Selections: Smooth

Posted by Kit Richert — 7 Sep 2009

Smoothness! There is something calm and relaxing about smooth textures. Gliding your hand over a surface without resistance or friction feels amazing. Looking at your images of smooth surfaces from this photo challenge was equally amazing.

Here are some of our favorite images from this photo challenge:
_O__ by Valentina Fontanella

Unblemished by Yasemin Yenilmez

Ghost Walker by Jessica Wissel

Sand Dunes by Audrey Kanekoa-Madrid

Definitely NOT ADHD by Chuck Koehler

Snail on a Yucca by Jim Jochetz

Touch Me... Taste Me by Lynn H

Coil by Clinton Brentwood Lee

Untitled by Kimberly Halverson

Beluga by Ben Thomas

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