Photo Challenge: Your Backyard

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 26 Sep 2009

Our current Photo Challenge proves that you often don't have to look far for inspiration...we just had to look in our mailbox! We're so glad that Allyson B Campbell suggested looking in your own backyard for photography ideas- your backyards are diverse and full of character!

For Photo Challenge: Your Backyard we want you to take a closer examination of a location you see everyday. Inspiration and beauty are all around you when you look for it!

Everyone has a backyard, and each one is unique. Your backyard might go beyond the horizon, or it might be someplace you escape to in your city. Regardless of how big or small your backyard is, pick up your camera and show it off!

Here are a few great images submitted so far:

The Guardian by Steph Dumont
Sunflower Heaven by Jim Harrison
Tree People by Jason Platt
Woodmans Woman by Jack Storey

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