To the Incredible Community of 'Save JPG'

Posted by Kit Richert — 12 Sep 2009

This January was not a happy new year for the staff and community of JPG. After 2 amazing years and 19 Issues of JPG Magazine, our doors closed in the down economy. As it turned out, our AMAZING members were not going to shrug and walk away from the community they loved. Not without a fight!

The website 'Save JPG' was created by member Struan Oglanby, and this week that site was taken down... because it was no longer needed! Members flocked to Save JPG to rally and brainstorm new ways that we could fund the business. We were amazed and touched to see the outpouring of support and new ideas.

Then an incredible thing happened... interested buyers and investors started calling. They were each shown the buzzing community of Save JPG, to show just how special our site was to so many. After several months, a deal was made. JPG was saved!!!

It is rare to see a business brought back from the dead. Without Save JPG, who knows if it would have happened. Thank you again to everyone who banded together to show your love for our site! This was a lesson that we can all make a big difference if we just try!

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