Best of Photo Challenge: Elevators!

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 24 Nov 2009

We're so glad JPGer Henry Howell thought to write in and suggest taking a closer look at elevators for a photo challenge. Exploring these distinct little worlds produced some amazing images! Each of your photos reflects the diversity and uniqueness of this interesting location. It's apparent each one of you really inspected every inch of your elevator too! Fantastic work everyone!

Here are a few of our favorite photographs submitted to Photo Challenge: Elevators

LEVEL 4 by Christopher Miles

Henry is Electrosensitive 14 by Samuel Moulin

Exit by Jonathan Phillips

...dreams of elevators and fame by Shannon Huber

There Will be Order by Bruce Miller

Elevator Rob by Jeremy Fraga

Hospital Elevators # 2 by Jordan Nicolette

Blame Me For The Elevator by Rick Anglebrandt

289/365 - superstition by Peggy Gardner

I Spy by Dawn Duffield

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