Photo Challenge: Forgotten

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 21 Nov 2009

With so much taking place over the course of a lifetime it’s no wonder that some things get forgotten. If you think of all the stuff we own, all the memories we will make, all the facts we will try to remember…it’s only natural that some of these things will eventually slip away from us!

For this photo challenge we want you to bring new life to something that’s been forgotten by photographing it. It could be something that you used to love doing as a child, or maybe it's an item a stranger abandoned. Look around your world at all the things people have forgotten and reconsider the importance and beauty of it!

Here are a few great entries submitted to Photo Challenge: Forgotten!

Forgotten Dreams by Francesco Scipioni

Against the Wall by Zapata-Bedoya Juan P

Out for Lunch "Be Back in One Hour" by Joe Failk

FRUIT OF THE LOOM by Rachel Berry

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