Photo Challenge: Consumerism

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 6 Dec 2009

Most people spend money almost everyday. The extent in which someone thinks about these decisions varies from person to person, but there’s no doubt that it has a significant impact on our culture and society. Since our spending habits have been brought into focus more acutely with the recent changes in the economy, let’s all take a closer look at consumerism.

Right now is when most people spend significantly more on consumer goods then other times of the year. Since this holiday shopping season is quite different from the previous ones, take your camera with you shopping and capture a photograph that represents consumerism where you are.

Here are a few great entries submitted to Photo Challenge: Consumerism:

Changing Times by Jim Pope

Going Up by Nabeel Alam

Wheels Of "Progress" by Julie Stiefel

Small time clothes factory, Vietnam by Denman

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