Photo Challenge: Inside Your Medicine Cabinet

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 29 Jan 2010

Since our bathrooms are a very private place, they often can reveal a lot about a person. If you’ve ever wondered how your friend got their mustache to look so fabulous, you can probably find out by snooping around their bathroom. So it’s no wonder that people will often try to find out more about someone by peaking into their medicine cabinet!

For this photo challenge let us get to know you a little better by letting us see what’s inside your medicine cabinet. Maybe your belongings are meticulously organized, or maybe they're about to fall all over the floor, either way it says a lot about who you are!

Here are a few great entries submitted so far to Photo Challenge: Inside Your Medicine Cabinet:

Bathroom Cabinet by Dave Dunne

Yeah, I Have a Mustache by Anthony DeFrank

BIOHAZARD by Kristina Gale

Untitled by Roberto Papa

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