Best of Photo Challenge: Doorway

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 9 Feb 2010

Doorways may be everywhere, but there’s a ton a variety between each one. And not only do they work as a lovely compositional device because they can frame something on the other side, but they can also highlight the differences between two locations, which is pretty unique.

For this photo challenge you took a second look at the doorways that are throughout your world. And even though your images showed only a portion of a location, they sure said a lot about each environment and made some beautiful photographs.

Here are some of our favorite photos that were entered in Photo Challenge: Doorway:

No Door by Darla Smedley

Double Crossed by Jon Paciaroni

God Is With Us Always by Ariel Peters

Sorry by Thomas Young

The Door by Akhilesh Sharma

Watching Them Watching Me by Lisa Schrepfer

Lonely by Chitranshu Basak

Cold Water by Minno.

Doors Made Simple by Yusuf Özkızıl

Elderly Woman in Doorway by Tracey Tomtene

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