Best of Photo Challenge: Hello Neighbor

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 2 Feb 2010

For Photo Challenge: Hello Neighbor we asked you to knock on your neighbors door, yell over the fence, or wave to them through the window and ask to take their photo. Your photographs were way beyond the average portrait, they had a sense of intimacy that comes with photographing someone you know. We hope this photo challenge helped you make a new friend or become closer to an existing one… you never know when they can help you out, they sure helped you out with this photo challenge!

Here are some of our favorite photos that were entered in Photo Challenge: Hello Neighbor:

Untitled by Digital Incline

Friendly Neighbor by Jason Hudson

On the Street by Victor Bezrukov

Neighbour by Rajeev Jadhav

My Neighbor by Victoria Laquindanum

Robert J. Mhoon, Showing Off a Remington From His Gun Collection
by Heather Jacobsen

Untitled by Jamal Patrick

Red in Red.. by Kjell H

Mia-ji by Kismet Nakai

Across the Street by Brian Carter

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