Best of Photo Challenge: Words of Wisdom

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 16 Mar 2010

For this photo challenge you recorded the words that people felt so strongly about that they placed the message somewhere public. The quotes and messages you recorded with your camera were often educational, sometimes humorous, but always inspiring. We hope you took something away from these messages, and now notice the wealth of knowledge that is present in the world around you if you just look more closely!

Here are some of some of our favorite photos entered in Photo Challenge: Words of Wisdom:

Reserved by Jason Nicholls

How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All by Max Schenk

Vote for Progress (I Hope) by Victor Ursabia

Live for the Moment by Michael Budd

Andy Warhol by Zoe Fanning

Tuol Sleng Graffiti by Mikka Tokuda-Hall

Hope by Regenia Brabham

Never Confuse Education With Intelligence by Rice Jackson

Fight Ignorance by Matt Lovejoy

Beware... by Oscense

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