Photo Challenge: My Favorite Camera Feature

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 15 Jun 2010

Buying a camera today involves a lot of research because each one offers something different for the photographer. Everything from different modes, to ranges of ISO speeds can influence how and what you are able to capture with your camera. Ritz_Camera_and_logo_200px.jpgThat's why for this challenge we want to know what your favorite camera feature is, and why you love it.

Sharing why love your current camera model may get you a brand spankin' new one! This photo challenge is sponsored by RitzPix, who will reward one lucky JPGer with a new Sony 200k Digital SLR along with $100 to spend on where you can buy anything from digital prints to canvas enlargements! So enter today and you may have another great camera feature to brag about soon!

Here are a few great enteries that have already been entered in Photo Challenge: My Favorite Camera Feature:

Like Father Like Daughter by Stephanie Hammer

"I am a sucker for natural lighting, particularly in lower volumes aim a very particular way. The result is beautiful but it present a challenge. I love that my camera allows me to lower my ISO and let in that beautiful, natural light without using a flash and with minimal graininess."

Walking Away by Lori D'Ambrosio

"'My favorite feature on my Canon 50D is the self timing setting/it allows me to use myself as a figure in the photo. I set up my camera on a tri-pod and use a slow shutter speed/1/6th of a second to get a slight sense of movement/stop down the ISO 1 stop/use the lowest ISO (100), set the aperture on 16 or 22 and set the white balance on clouds. I always go out at sunrise for the best light."

Loooong Exposure Magical Waterfalls by Forest Wander

"My favorite feature of my SLR camera is taking loooong exposure water pictures. I always wondered how photographers made the water look so smoooth and once I learned how, it became my passion to hike and find waterfalls and streams to get scenic long exposures."

Look Mommy! by Jeannine St-Amour

"If it wasn't of the 12 X zoom on my point and shoot camera, I would have never been able to capture this precious moment which I absolutely adore. It is a feature I use all the time especially when doing wildlife photography."

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