Best of Photo Challenge: My Favorite Camera Feature

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 6 Jul 2010

With technology developing so quickly today, it's no surprise that digital cameras offer a ton of different features. For this photo challenge we invited you to show us a feature on your camera that you adore, and tell us all about it.

We teamed up with RitzPix for this photo challenge who is giving one lucky winner a brand new Sony 200k Digital SLR along with $100 to spend at! You can purchase all kinds of great things from from digital prints, to canvas enlargements and photo books, so congratulations to our winner!

So without further adieu, here is the grand prize winner and all the finalists for Photo Challenge: My Favorite Camera Feature!

The finalists for Photo Challenge: My Favorite Camera Feature:

Akheron's Pier by Zoltán Balogh

"Two of my favorite features of my Konica Minolta 7D is in the picture:9900K white balance with unique Minolta colors and the long exposure."

Deliver Me by Drew Nikonowicz

"'My favorite camera setting/feature is the long exposure setting (M). There's nothing too special about my camera but I use it to the best of my ability."

Hanbok by Courtney Cheatham

"My favorite camera feature: light leaks. It's the imperfection that makes Holga beautiful. Yeah, I have a fancy DSLR with an abundance of features, but it's the simple imperfections of the plastic Holga120N that really make it special."

Killing U by Push Pin

"Dear olympus c-7070,

I LOVE your great focus. (You) can see things that I can't see with my ''real'' eyes. You are my eyes!

Walking Away by Lori D'Ambrosio

"My favorite feature on my Canon 50D is the self-timing setting. It allows me to use myself as a figure in the photo."

Rainbells by Dominic Kite

"My favorite camera feature is a narrow depth of field, the lower the f-stop, the better. I love the way the selective focus can transform an everyday scene into something mysterious and magical. It's about suggestion, and a hint of detail for me."

Moment of Insight by Carlos Canales

"The ability to take black and white pictures on my Nikon D700 is something very useful!"

Put it Out There by Bryan Smoak

"One of my favorite features -bar none- is my DSLR's ability to adjust ISO automatically. Shooting concert photography is challenging due to the changing light patterns and effects, so being able to adjust in changing lighting conditions is definitely one the perks of my camera."

Tides by Mathew Reed

"I recently upgraded to the Nikon d700. The reason for the purchase was mainly due to the high iso capacity. This shot was taken with low light and a polarizing filter, but with the high iso capacity, it still achieved fantastic results."

The winner of Photo Challenge: My Favorite Camera Feature:
Loooong Exposure Magical Waterfalls by Forest Wander

"My favorite feature of my SLR camera is (it's ability to take) long exposure water pictures. I always wondered how photographers made the water look so smooth and once I learned how, it became my passion to hike and find waterfalls and streams to get scenic long exposures."

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