Best of Photo Challenge: Show of Hands

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 3 Aug 2010

Our hands do about a million things on any given day, so it's no surprise that they say an awful lot about a person. For this photo challenge, we asked you to submit a picture where hands are the focal point of the image so that we can see this revealing part of your subject in all its glory.

We have to hand it to all of our members, this was a fantastic photo challenge filled with amazing entries, so a special thanks goes out to everyone who participated!

Here are some of our favorite images from Photo Challenge: Show of Hands:

Try to Balance by Indra Widi

Touches From the Heart by Melinda Smith

Untitled by Kelsey Walsh

Gary W by Brian O'hanlon

Protect by Jowita B

Sugamo Hands by Damon Coulter

Worn by Robin Weerts

Elegance by Marks Haven

Prepared by Tim Glass

Baba by Dennis Cordell

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