Our Favorite Photos From Flash Theme: My Greatest Fear

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 28 Oct 2010

There's a reason why many of the things featured in scary movies have the same villains or the same creepy elements. Often the things people are afraid of are a common fear among people across the globe. Whether it's because this fear is ingrained in our DNA telling us to get away because it's dangerous, or something that has been created by our culture that seems just creepy, there's probably a good reason why so many people are afraid of the same things.

For Flash Theme: My Greatest Fear we asked to share the thing that you are most afraid of. We included some of our favorite pictures below to help you get in the spirit of Halloween.

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Here are just a few of our favorite images from Flash Theme: My Greatest Fear

What Is This? by Adniloj

Greatest Fear: The Unknown

Shark by Kurien Yohannan

Greatest Fear: Sharks

Clowns by Karen Menyhart

Greatest Fear: Clowns

Flying by Becca Bornstein

Greatest Fear: Flying

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