Best of Photo Challenge: Bling*

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 23 Nov 2010

One JPGer asked in their entry to Photo Challenge: Bling if "she is wearing the jewelry or is it wearing her?" Many people use accessories to add a little spice to their outfit or attract attention to themselves, and sometimes it seems to complete the person, while other times it competes with them. Either way, it makes for interesting photography, which is why we wanted to see your best image of someone sporting some bling for this theme.

Below are just a few of our favorite submissions to Photo Challenge: Bling:

Jewels by Mandy Maxwell

The Lightness of Lilac Musing - 28/365 by Michele Randell

Please Shine, Please Shine - So Bright by Sara Fields

Chains and Lace by Will Block

Holy Man by Pete Castle

Le fauteuil by Toni GarcĂ­a

Silver by Caitlin

Dripping with Diamonds by Sherstin Schwartz

Gold by Chris Nabholz

Decoration by Phil Condit

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