Best of Photo Challenge: Fast Food

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 2 Nov 2010

Love or hate it, fast food is very much ingrained into many cultures around the world. There's a few reasons why these businesses have been successful: our busy lifestyles, low prices, and all the additives that the food is made with keeps it tasting good and many of us coming back for more.

For this photo challenge, we asked you to take a closer look at fast food and the presence of it in your culture. Your submissions not only captured the varieties of food that is offered, but also said a lot about this element in our society today.

Here are just a few of our favorite images from Photo Challenge: Fast Food:

The Other Side by Scott Ramsay

Classy Date by Mary Costa

Riot of French Fries by Peep Järviste

French Fry Love by Sara Knick

What I Took by Eating Here by Joshstabsface

Junk Food by Jason Hudson

Fresh Eggs Drive-In by Paul Lavallee

No Added Chemicals by David Dunnico

Aged Big Mac by Rachel Curtis

Out for Dinner by René Damen

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