Best of Photo Challenge: Sustenance

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 14 Dec 2010

Around the holidays we tend to reflect on what we are grateful for and the people who are less fortunate then ourselves. Since this is on everyone's minds, we asked to capture something in our own life that you're grateful for and that supports you in a fundamental way for this photo challenge.

It's no surprise that many of you captured what some consider to be "the simple things is life" in your images. If it ends up that you don't get what's on your wish list this year for Christmas, we hope that maybe you can look back to this photo challenge and think of what you do have and feel grateful regardless.

Here are some of our favorite images from Photo Challenge: Sustenance:

(Week 38) TPOP by Penny Nannini

"'...a continuous awareness, a state of consciousness in which you know that you are the constant creator of your life.
~Shakti Gawain

Carrots and Blueberries by Ernie Barreto

"Fresh fruits and vegetables: this was part of my lunch on Wednesday January 16, 2008."

Maelo Pukek by Zhu Qincay

"Maelo pukek is the traditional name of the Minangkabau (West Sumatera) to mention the work of the fishermen to get fish. This activity is carried out every morning along the coast of West Sumatera, Indonesia."

French Fish by Terry Manier

When Life Gives You by Randolph Barry

Love My Cafe Macchiato by Brian Minnie

I Stand Still When They Pass By by Farbod Fakharzadeh

"A little boy sitting in the side walk in Tehran Iran. He has some envelopes that contain poems that tell you your fortune and he has a scale that you can weigh yourself on it for some coins. He does his school assignments at work."

Summer Lunch by Nicolette de Joncaire

Save Us From flood by Renzelle Mae Abasolo

"Filipino workers seen pushing a customized cart made of wood supported by rounded plastic gallons underneath to make it lighter during the disastrous flood caused by typhoon Ondoy last September 2009. It was also reported a toll of thousands of deaths."

Time for a Shave by Becca Bornstein

"My horse is my constant and sustenance in life. Whatever may be going on with people in my life, he is always there with affection and a blissful escape to a world where we can fly."

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