Best of Photo Challenge: Tension Building

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 28 Dec 2010

Sometimes the tension in the air is so apparent you feel like you could cut it with a knife. Other times tension is presented in other ways: a person's facial expression, a gesture, or a situation that appears strenuous.

For this photo challenge we asked you to find scenarios where you could visually see tension building. Your images were filled with emotion and sometimes hard to swallow, but they were beautiful because they captured this important aspect of life that everyone experiences at some point.

Below are just a few of our favorite submissions to Photo Challenge: Tension Building:

Egg Beater by William McEwen

The Power of Life by Jüri Vissak

Faith and Hope by Sharon Wish

Dental Exam by Charles Rushton

Changing the Bulb by Hank James

Dominance by Phil Condit

Iole by Fox Harvard

Hells Bells by Michaela K.

Circus by Ion T.

Waiting for the Drop by Jeremy Lim

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