JPG Member Interview: Francesco Scipioni

Posted by David Ozanich — 8 Dec 2010


This week we're chatting with JPG Member Francesco Scipioni.

Where do you live?

I live in Italy. I'm 45 (but so much younger inside!).

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Your photos have a "rawness" to them that is increasingly less common since the advent of digital photography. What kind of camera do you shoot with? What type of film do you use? I'm presuming these are shot with film. 

My  first encounter with photography was with the images form the Vietnam War in the early '70s, so it was a very brutally approach. I remember staying up for hours and hours looking a those strong images - lots of feelings were inside me and in this way my thirst for reality was born.

I own a Canon 5D, a 5D MK2 and a 7D, but this one is only for sports events. I love the full frame system because is easier to vignetting the photos and the results are so close to the film. My favourite lenses are the 17-40 F4, the 50 1.4, and lately I'm shooting with a 24 tilt and shift: a lot of fun.

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What's your dream camera or dream technology? 

In my dreams? One of the latest Hasselblad systems.

I've noticed a lot of gas stations and corn fields in your work. Any particular reason you return again and again to these subjects?

I always try to show the obvious of life with a different point of view, I like to search for that things that are unintentional forms of art  and I have a particular weakness for the night lights, so that's why I have many gas stations in my collection.

IMG_0367 copia.jpg

Who are your greatest influences when it comes to photography?

I love the style of Martin Parr and the eye of James Nachtwey. But I love a lots of photographers. Even on jpg there are dozens of people that inspiring me every day and to join in this group has been a great opportunity to grow up.

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*This interview has been edited slightly for clarity.

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