Best of Photo Challenge: Storefronts

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 4 Jan 2011

Storefronts are a bit like the personal ads: in a brief visual message they try to both highlight their best features and let people know what they're getting into. They also do anything and everything to get your attention, in hopes that you'll be intrigued and give them a chance.

For this photo challenge, we asked you to capture a storefront in such a way that makes a statement about the messages that the structures send out to those who pass by. Your photos spoke volumes, and definitely got the attention of everyone on JPG!

Below are just a few of our favorite submissions to Photo Challenge: Storefronts:

The Other Ones Gossip and Stare by Chris Zukowski

Celestial Angels by Michele Randell

Global Warming? by Olivier Scher

Yoda Looking Out by Keith Clarke

Something Old, Something New by Elizabeth Laughton

Big Night Out by Jason Platt

Neato Burrito by Elena Jasic

Night Over Ice Cream Car by Lior Patel

Out of Business by Francesco Scipioni

Thank You by Kil Roy Metters

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