Grand Prize Winner Announced for Focus Project: LOVE

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 25 Jan 2011

The Focus Project Announces its Grand Prize Photographer for its LOVE edition!

Earlier this month, we shared with you the People's Choice Award Winner for the LOVE edition of The Focus Project, a collective narrative of the world's most compelling photographs reflecting themes that are most important in our lives.

The Focus Project now announces the Grand Prize winner - congratulations to Sig Marlon from Oslo, Norway! The images he submitted are photograms created from true-to-size film and prints that capture both intimacy and separation between lovers. Mr. Marlon says, "I wanted to photograph the closeness between me and my girlfriend, and how a loving couple [consists] of two separate individuals who at the same time keep on crossing into [each others'] personal space, [forming] a working unity."


Photographers from all over the world were invited to share their most powerful images that convey, represent, or capture the essence of love.

For those of you who missed the opportunity, submissions are currently being accepted for Artists Wanted : A Year in Review, an international open call for the best emerging talent in Photography, Fine Art, Motion & Sound and Design & Illustration. The deadline is THIS FRIDAY January 28, 2011 11:59pm EST. Click here for more information!


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