JPG Member Interview: Tatsuo Suzuki

Posted by David Ozanich — 12 Jan 2011


This week we're talking to JPG Member Tatsuo Suzuki. (Ed. Note: Tatsuo kindly answered our questions in English. We made minor edits for clarity.)

Where do you live?

I live in Tokyo, Japan - 45 years old.


I love that picture of the woman in the plastic wrap. Can you tell me about staging that shot?

The photographer and the model were photographed in Shibuya Street. I slipped in there with a shot. Many of the other spectators [took photos]. That photographer, maybe didn't thinkĀ I took such a picture. I only snap that scene.

How does your environment influence your photography?

Tokyo has too many people there. But we don't care about each other. I do take pictures of people too often forgotten, I want to give it the other image.


What got you interested in photography? Who influences you? How long have you been working with a camera?

I don't know why I keep shooting. But the images I see everyday is [what] I want to be [left to the] record.

Many people, many music, many books influence me. [I've taken] pictures only since 2 years ago!

What's a piece of advice you have for other photographers?

Only your eyes and sensibility can take good pictures.


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