Best of Photo Challenge: Cult Classics!

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 21 Mar 2011

Whenever someone releases a grand idea into the world, the hope is that it will become wildly popular among everyone, everywhere. Of course this rarely happens, but many things do end up developing a devoted following among smaller groups of people who love it more than their own children.

For this photo challenge, we asked you to take inspiration from something that's considered a cult classic and work it into your photography. From movies, to quirky products, and even offbeat celebrities, your photos showed that something doesn't have to appeal to the masses in order to have a whole lot of character.

Below are some of our favorite pictures from Photo Challenge: Cult Classics:

Blondie by Billy Howard

Watching the Outside #9 by Cristina Cocullo

VW by Dilshad Aroos

Mastermind by Thelma Blizzard

Illusive Garden Gnome by T S

Amber by David Salpeter

And Then He Was a She... by Tristesse Kulp

Faster Pussycat KILL KILL by Anthony Graham

Berlin by Michel Vaque

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