JPG Member Interview: Randolph Barry

Posted by David Ozanich — 23 Mar 2011

This week for the JPG Member interview we're talking to Randolph Barry.

So your pictures seem to evoke the southwest US to me - is that where you live? 

I live in New Mexico, about 15 miles north of Albuquerque in a small town called Bernailillo. Most of the pictures I take are located either in the northern and southern parts of my state. There is a wide assortment of things to photograph in this state and I really appreciate that. 

What kind of cameras do you use? Lots of your work seems to be Polaroid - but I can't tell if that's just a process afterwards.

The Polaroids were mainly done with the early Model 1 and Model 2 SX-70 folding cameras. Some have also been shot with an SLR-680 and other various cheaper Polaroid cams from the 80s. I don't alter my Polaroids, I like the way they look with flaws and imperfections. When it comes to digital photography I will not hesitate to alter an image, mainly just cropping and playing around with the color of the image. 

What's your favorite thing to photograph - what would you pull over to the side of the road to shoot? 

Bright colors usually get my attention and anything old like cars, motel signs, rusty things, abandoned places, and anything that looks interesting to me at the moment. 

It looks like you have a T-shirt company. Does this influence what you photograph? What are your most popular images?

I  just started to use my images for shirts on Skreened website. I don't think anything has even sold one shirt yet - ha ha. 

Do you work as a professional photographer? How did you get started with photography?

Photography is more of a hobby for me now. When I have the urge to create it is my favorite artistic outlet. I was turned on to photography by looking at books from photographers either at the library or bookstore. Some of my early influences are people like Stephen Shore and William Eggleston. They were terrific with color! 

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