Best of Photo Challenge: Follow the Rule of Thirds

Posted by Darlene Bouchard — 18 Apr 2011

Rules are meant to be broken, but it's good to know them well before tossing them aside! And while we understand that it's no fun to keep rules in mind while creating art, we asked you to do just that for this photo challenge.

We hope that having you follow the rule of thirds helped reacquaint you with the ins and outs of this concept, or even taught you something new to apply to your photography!

Here are some photos from Photo Challenge: Follow the Rule of Thirds that we thought, well, ruled!

Abandon. by Tessa Renae

A Sunburnt Land by Dirk Spennemann

Let Me Out by Sara Watson

Line by Fox Harvard

The Memo by Peter Stanley

Periphery by Lisa Boughter

Empty Room by Mojca Savicki

Pollyanna by Jo Haberman

Untitled by Travis Middleton

Flock by Justin Bane

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