Best of Photo Challenge: My Earth, My Impact

Posted by Devin Hayes — 9 May 2011

It's high time we start looking at ourselves and everything around us as one amazingly complicated, yet beautiful organism. Each piece is part of a whole, none are better or more important than another. Yet there are detrimental elements contributing to the extinction of species, disasterous amounts of water, air and land pollution, massive inequality in access to healthy food, clean water and adequate health care. The list goes on. You don't have to do everything, but if you gave up an hour of TV a day or even a week to start and used that time to understand the issues, to talk about them and to be a catalyst of positive change, the system may have a chance. Ultimately, it's up to us how we spend our money and our time, whether with great purpose or reckless abandon.

Thanks to all who entered their inspiring photos. Here are some of our favorites:

Russian by Anca Cernoschi

Good Earth by adniloj

Grand Canyon by Lindsay Fuller

Hang them out to Dry... by jan-louise haller

Untitled by Alessandro Canu

Untitled by lisa anderson

Touch Deep into Your Heart by Indra Widi

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